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Care Tips For Owning a Mini Bernese

Care Tips For Owning a Mini Bernese

One of the main points of attention that should be provided to the miniature dog breeder is the possibility of performing daily physical exercise with moderate to high intensity. We are dealing with a dog that is quite energetic and that needs to unload that vitality in order not to suffer mental problems, but also to stay in shape.

Every day, the dog should be taken out about 3 times: morning, noon, and night. During those outdoor outings, you can intersperse leisurely rides with runs, jumps, and agility courses. In general, the afternoon outing is usually the one in which the animal is exercised the most.

On the other hand, when selecting the right food for this dog, you have to take into account both the stage of its life in which it is (junior, adult, senior) and its size. In addition to this, it must be quality food that provides the necessary nutrients to a very active dog.

Bernedoodle Bath

The body care of this dog is very important. However, a good daily brushing (or at least 4 times a week) is more essential than the bath itself. This will help eliminate possible knots and make their coat look healthier and cleaner.

The baths should be done only when the dog is very dirty, but without exceeding the frequency of a monthly bath. To do this, a shampoo specially formulated for dogs should be used, since human shampoos can severely damage the animal’s skin and fur.

After bathing, as much moisture as possible should be removed from your body with a towel. To complete, you can use the hair dryer, especially if you are in a time of low temperatures.

Health Of The Breed

This dog is quite healthy in general. It does not tend to inherit diseases from the parent breeds, although it can suffer from some health problems typical of medium or large dogs, among others. Some of the diseases that can occur in Bernedoodle specimens are the following:

  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Atopic dermatitis.
  • Skin allergies.

Taking this into account, it is important to monitor the dog closely in case any of the symptoms of the aforementioned diseases are detected.

Intense scratching, as well as redness on the skin, can be signs of dermatitis or allergy. In these cases, the moments of brushing and bathing are also essential to detect any condition of this type.

On the other hand, although to a lesser extent, cases of otitis, immune system disorders, and digestive imbalances can occur in this dog. Regular visits to the veterinary clinic will serve to detect any of these problems.

Other Curiosities And Facts About The Breed

To end this opportunity, we tell you some more information about this breed that you should know:

  • This dog can live between 12-15 years.
  • There is a variation of the breed known as the Australian Bernedoodle, which is born from the cross between the Bernedoodle and the Australian Labradoodle .
  • Since it does not take loneliness very well, this dog is not appropriate for people who spend a lot of time away from home.
  • It is also known by other names, such as the Bernese Mountain and the Bernese Mountain Poodle.

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How To Get Started When You Want to Buy a Dog

How To Get Started When You Want to Buy a Dog

Have you been thinking about bringing a dog home? Well, you are about to make the best decision of your life. You won’t regret it at all. A dog will make a very great companion not only in the house but in your life too. But how do you go about it if you want to buy one? No need to scratch your head over that because we are here to help you. Here is a guide to help you get started when you decide to buy a dog.

  1. Be sure that you need one

Before anything, you need to think again about what you want. Are you sure you want a dog, or do you want to be considered a ‘pet owner’ like other people out there? Is it because you want to revenge on your neighbor whose dog pooped in your yard? Think about the decision you are about to make and ensure that you get a dog because you are a dog lover.

  1. Prepare your house for the dog

You also need to purchase the things that the dog will need. If you have to buy supplies for the dog, do that pronto. Ask your friend or neighbor who has a dog to help you list down the things that will be needed for your new dog.

  1. Consider what you need in a dog

Are you looking for an adult dog or do you just want a puppy first? What size dog do you need? Do you want a dog that you will walk and run with every day? Think about what you need in a dog to have an easier time making that decision.

  1. What type of breed suits your lifestyle?

Most probably, you already know that dogs come in different breeds. Some breeds are best for hanging around the house or carrying wherever you go, like the Chihuahua. Other dog breeds are bigger, active, and great to have at home for companionship and security like the German Shepherd. Ensure that you choose the breed that perfectly suits you.

  1. Find the right breeder

After you have prepared the home for your new dog and you know what type of dog you want, you will now need to find the right breeder. Ensure that the breeder is reputable and that they have the exact breed of dog that you want. For example, Wustenbergerland is a California German Shepherd Breeder that specifically specializes in Trained Guard Dogs for sale.

As you prepare to get the dog of your choice to take home, make sure you learn about the right tips to help you take care of him accordingly.

Wood Termites: How to Eliminate Them?

Wood Termites: How to Eliminate Them?

Termites are social insects that eat wood by feeding on the cellulose contained within it. The damage caused by these insects can be really huge. The activity of this insect is devious and cryptic.

Often nothing is noticed, as long as the damage is irreparable. In fact, termites dig into the wood from the inside and leave the surface layers unaltered. Therefore it is very difficult at first to recognize an infestation.

How To Get Rid Of Termites?

The first thing to do when you suspect you have termites is to make sure they are present. In fact, there are other insects that feed on wood, such as woodworms, which can infest the wooden structures of a house. We will now give you some basic information that will help you recognize termites.

First of all, termites swarm once a year. This means that a large number of winged termites suddenly appear inside the colony. The presence of a large number of winged insects is a clear indication of the presence of termites. These insects are about 1cm long and have two pairs of wings.

When the wings are at rest, they fold up along the body. The wings in termites are very long and far exceed the body by extension. In particular, they are more than twice the length of the body. If you see insects with these characteristics, they are most likely termites.

How To Tell If You Have Termites In Your Home

You may also see signs of termites being present. I’m talking about the earthy walkways or tunnels produced by subterranean termites. Subterranean termites are more sensitive than dry wood termites to lack moisture. For this, they nest by digging tunnels in the ground. In this way, the humidity inside the galleries is kept at high enough levels to guarantee their survival.

To reach the wood attacked, these termites build earthy tunnels inside which the humidity remains high. These tunnels also protect termites from daylight and predators.

At some point, you may even begin to see marks on or near the wood. Subterranean termites do not make as many holes on the wood surface as woodworms (eg Oligomerus spp. Or  Anobium spp.). Only dry wood termites make holes, but they are larger and more sporadic. From these holes, the termites of the dry wood throw their feces out from the inside of the attacked wood. Those characteristic barrel feces are typical of dry wood termites.

The presence of this barrel feces near the wood attached is a sign of the presence of termites, particularly dry wood termites.

Another sign that can be found on wood, a common sign in all termites, is the wood that yields to pressure. This is because the wood is literally emptied, that is, eaten from the inside. It is enough to test the wood suspected of infestation with a screwdriver to test its integrity.

If you see signs of this type in your home or suspect you have termites, visit pest control company in San Diego, California and a Termite Inspection specialist will be able to help you recognize them.

The Best Birds to Have as Pets

Birds and any type of bird are very striking and special animals. You don’t have to take them out for a walk, they don’t shed hair, they don’t usually have a huge size and they can stay home alone for a few days, so their care is simple and you don’t have to spend much time looking after them.

Types of domestic birds

There are many species of birds that can legally be pets and be kept as pets. However, not all of them are suitable for children due to their size, their handling or their character. These are the recommendations for birds as pets:


Canaries are the most common birds for children to keep as pets. These birds attract attention because they have very bright and varied colors and because of their cheerful song. Drawback? They do not like being manipulated very much and prefer to be calm, so you have to explain to the little ones that it is better not to try to hold them too much since they are not very sociable.


Diamondbacks are small, showy birds that are very well behaved when raised as chicks. They are very docile and can live in groups so, thanks to their size and character, you can have several in the same cage. The best thing is that they do not need much care, they are not delicate except with changes in temperature.


They are very reminiscent of canaries but parakeets are larger and more sociable, so children can interact with them and teach them some tricks, in fact, they can spend time loose around the house (after making sure that all the windows are closed ). Its character is friendly and its care is simple, so it is the perfect first pet during childhood.


Nymphs are very amusing birds, both for their appearance with their characteristic crest, and for their friendly nature. They are playful, happy and enjoy interaction, so if you are looking for a pet bird they may be the perfect option. Of course, precisely because of these qualities they need a lot of attention so as not to get depressed and develop inappropriate behaviors.

Turtle Doves

Turtle doves are rare pets in Spain but very common in homes in the United States. They are very calm birds, of medium size and with very good behavior. In fact, they can be loose around the house and are very careful and quiet.


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