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Amateur bird breeder for more than 20 years, turned professional since 2011, and always passionate, I hold the Certificate of Capacity and the Authorization to Open an Establishment, which allowed me to open my own establishment, in Texas, in order to make you discover my passion and to make you benefit from it with the acquisition of superb specimens such as:

  • Canaries,
  • Exotic Australians, Africans, Asians, etc.
  • Parakeets,
  • Large Parakeets,
  • Parrots,
  • insectivores,
  • And some park and garden birds.

In addition, the establishment makes it a point of honor to raise many Hooked Beaks by hand, in order to make them wonderful pet birds, accustomed from birth to human contact, so that its future purchaser can take full advantage of its new friend and can develop a certain bond with him. For your comfort and that of your winged companions, I offer a wide choice of cages, aviaries, accessories, toys and food. When purchasing, you will benefit from my expert advice to choose equipment that is perfectly suited to their needs and your budget.


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Austin, Texas