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Pajaros (Birds) Of North America is a store with more than 15 years of experience in the sale of domestic birds. Located in Texas, since last 2019 we have moved to new, larger and more modern facilities. This new space allows us to have our animals better cared for and provide better customer service.

We usually have the most common species such as canaries, parakeets, mandarin and Gouldian diamondbacks, lovebirds, etc… and also some small psittacines that we ourselves raise by hand (papillera) among which we highlight the nymphs for their incomparable character.

For other species that we do not have in the store, we work on request. You can ask us and we will advise you on the choice of the species that best suits you , its maintenance, needs…


There are many factors when one is faced with the purchase of a bird. On the one hand there is the physical aspect, if a bird is beautiful, if it is too small or too large, these are elements that anyone studies before deciding on one type of bird or another. It is also important to take into account the behavior and character of each type of bird, as well as the physical needs and care. Having a domestic bird is quite pleasant, but we must be clear about which one we are going to acquire. We will advise you at all times so that you make a consistent decision.

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