The Best Birds to Have as Pets

Birds and any type of bird are very striking and special animals. You don’t have to take them out for a walk, they don’t shed hair, they don’t usually have a huge size and they can stay home alone for a few days, so their care is simple and you don’t have to spend much time looking after them.

Types of domestic birds

There are many species of birds that can legally be pets and be kept as pets. However, not all of them are suitable for children due to their size, their handling or their character. These are the recommendations for birds as pets:


Canaries are the most common birds for children to keep as pets. These birds attract attention because they have very bright and varied colors and because of their cheerful song. Drawback? They do not like being manipulated very much and prefer to be calm, so you have to explain to the little ones that it is better not to try to hold them too much since they are not very sociable.


Diamondbacks are small, showy birds that are very well behaved when raised as chicks. They are very docile and can live in groups so, thanks to their size and character, you can have several in the same cage. The best thing is that they do not need much care, they are not delicate except with changes in temperature.


They are very reminiscent of canaries but parakeets are larger and more sociable, so children can interact with them and teach them some tricks, in fact, they can spend time loose around the house (after making sure that all the windows are closed ). Its character is friendly and its care is simple, so it is the perfect first pet during childhood.


Nymphs are very amusing birds, both for their appearance with their characteristic crest, and for their friendly nature. They are playful, happy and enjoy interaction, so if you are looking for a pet bird they may be the perfect option. Of course, precisely because of these qualities they need a lot of attention so as not to get depressed and develop inappropriate behaviors.

Turtle Doves

Turtle doves are rare pets in Spain but very common in homes in the United States. They are very calm birds, of medium size and with very good behavior. In fact, they can be loose around the house and are very careful and quiet.


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